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Online Marketing Services

The way businesses communicate with their customers has changed and is continually growing. It can seem confusing, difficult and expensive…

We have a team of experienced social media marketing experts that take the hassle out of keeping you up to date with the latest technology, giving you more time to work on your business.

Edenn Media manages your whole online presence taking the work out of keeping up with this ever evolving landscape, keeping you posted with your customers.

We’re here to provide a complete online marketing solution for your needs and budget. Business to consumer interaction is changing, we know social media, we know search engine optimisation and we also know business. Edenn Media – Keeping you posted!

EDenn Media will optimise your site in an organic way.

More and more companies use SEO services in the UK and overseas to profit from that crucial organic search traffic, you need to ensure your business isn’t falling behind. EDenn Media will optimise your site in an organic way to keep you at the top of search engines keeping you in the public eye 24 hours a day…

EDenn Media will maximise the use of Social Media.

With the ever evolving social media landscape, it is vital nowadays to have a social media presence for your business. Edenn Media can fully manage your Twitter/Facebook/Youtube etc. campaigns including post and promotion writing to keep your customers engaged!

EDenn Media will be happy to assist you anytime.

EDenn Media offer a friendly, non-jargon customer service for our customers. We are different because we talk to you and not at you – so however much or little you know about social media marketing, we’ll make certain you understand exactly what we recommend for your business. We’re flexible enough to meet the demands of both large and small businesses.

EDenn Media will manage your PPC Campaign.

When someone searches on Google or other search engines using one of your keywords, your ad will appear next to the search results, you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in your products. Advertising through PPC on search engines is an effective way to drive more customers to your website..

EDenn Media will implement RSS in a more advance level.

Imagine that every time you create new posts, social media will automatically share it to others. It will save you more time to do other things instead. We can make it happen, and we will do it for you..

Edenn Media will manage the maintenance of your site.

We will be maintaining and setting up your company’s Blog, feeding a continued news post to your customers that is linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, keeping them engaged and improving your search engine ranking.

EDenn Media will provide quality articles for your website.

We have talented writers that can write unique and informative articles for article directory/press release/blog and forum posting, taking every exposure opportunity to promote your business!

We will make your site suitable for visitors and web crawlers.

Setting up a blog and enhancing different parts of it might take you time. That is why we included this in our services. To help you create your website the way you wanted it to be.

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